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The Brain Chain Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to offering support programs to survivors of acquired brain injury (ABI). We also offer support to the families and caregivers of TBI survivors.

Generally, our members would have sustained an injury as a result of a traumatic accident or physical assault or as a consequence of injuries incurred whilst undertaking sports or some other physical event and which consequently results in serious and significant brain damage. These impairments may be temporary or permanent and cause partial or functional disability or psycho-social maladjustment.

The Brain Chain Foundation organisation also assists survivors of other acquired brain injuries which occurs after birth and is not related to a congenital or a degenerative disease. This could include damage caused by a Stroke, Bleeding in the brain, Lack of oxygen to the brain, Infections in the brain, Toxic exposure and Fluid build-up in the brain or a Brain tumour.

All Brain Chain Foundation members have had and led a full life up until the time of their acquired brain injury, which may have caused permanent changes in one or more of the following areas:

Physical Changes
• Problems with walking, sitting, transfers, bathing, household tasks
• Slurred speech
• Chronic pain including headaches
• Fatigue and sleep difficulties

Cognitive Changes
• Takes more time to make sense of information
• Problems with planning, organizing or starting tasks
• Problems with vision
• Problems understanding conversations, coming up with the right word, talking in grammatically complete sentences
• Easily distracted
• Poor memory
• Difficulty with judgement and decision making
• Preservation “getting stuck” on a topic, idea or activity
• Confusion – may not know the date, year, time of day, where they are
• Impulsiveness – act before you think
• Dis-inhibition – no “social filter” to tell you when you shouldn’t do or say something

Emotional Changes
• Irritability “short fuse”
• Mood disorders like depression, anxiety, anger management problems
• Emotional liability – crying for no apparent reason
• Emotional or behavioural outbursts
• Normal emotional responses to the incredibly devastating impact of the brain injury
• Sadness, anger, frustration, loss of sense of self, anxiety about having another stroke or injury

Social Changes
• Awkwardness or inappropriate behaviour because of difficulty reading social cues
• Isolating yourself because you feel different and therefore leading to being treated differently
• Trouble with social and work relationships because of awkwardness and poor coping skills
• Family breakdowns
• Loss of privacy, independence, future plans, income
• Change in roles – (was a caregiver, now has to receive care from others)

The Brain Chain Foundation is able to offer information, practical advice and better understanding about what this this will mean for the future and how the family, colleagues and friends can make a meaningful contribution to the recovery of the injured individual.


The Brain Chain Foundation Vision

To be a primary, accessible and committed resource for persons and families affected by acquired brain injury.

The Brain Chain Foundation Mission

Based on personal and real experiences we strive to serve the diverse communities throughout South Africa where individuals who have acquired brain injuries and their families and those close to them can learn how to deal with the challenges arising out of this situation on a practical, hands on and supportive basis to improve their quality of life and help create the opportunity for each to achieve their maximum potential.

The Brain Chain Foundation is here to assist the higher functioning traumatised brain injured (TBI) patients and to assist in helping them creating a future for themselves.

The Brain Chain Foundation has acquired the services and support of a Neuro Surgeon that has a special interest in managing spasticity and is qualified to perform a Peripheral neurotomy. In addition The Brain Chain Foundation has two of the best Occupational Therapists which are qualified Hand Specialists.

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