Hi Everyone

The Brain Chains Mission for 2018 Will be to firstly to have our Tax Exemption Certificate Approved and then once my Surgery is complete by the End Of April really start making a huge difference to people, families & Caregivers in South Africa by offering Surgery & Rehabilitation to the under privileged and normal South Africans that just cant seem to afford it. Tbi’s & Abi’s are so much worse without the correct treatment as I have discovered by making probably the biggest mistake of my life when I assumed things would get better without me having to make any effort, things got worse and if i listened to my family i would probably be in 75% better physical condition. Things don’t just miraculously get better or worse without the individual doing anything, in my case i drank and used substances which i was told is killing me but didn’t really care as it made me forget about my condition & the pain but  I wasn’t noticing the long term damage I was doing to my whole body and system. I’m aware of what damage I did now but unfortunately its too late and have to have major surgery again to try resolve it, it might never get better but i’m willing to take the chance. Stressful times ahead but i’m not going down without a fight.