The Brain Chain Website has been running rather smoothly however there are a few people out there that I have saying that there is little information regarding injuries on the site, I would like to explain why that is, its an introduction to a very new support group which is free of charge at the moment to try attract as much traffic as possible, I find my blogs very informative but im open to any suggestions or topics that any individual would like me to discuss, the skype username is available and im willing to communicate with anyone but please lets arrange a time, the reason why i have not gone into detail regarding all the issues after a TBI are because i can only inform others of what im aware of and have experienced, I still believe that once my Funding issues have been resolved by the South African Receiver of Revenue that we will be able to help so many people not just in South Africa but all over the World. My recovery has been miraculous however im far from complete and now that this has become my passion i will never give up on myself or anyone i see has promise of improving even 1% , A traumatic Brain Injury Recovery is everything but a sprint, its an extremely Tough Long Distance Marathon but with the correct help and guidance can be made a lot easier. I also decided to give myself to God and start attending Church and the feeling i felt the first day was unbelievable, I felt like a heavy bag of Problems had been lifted off my shoulders and that maybe i should trust in God as me beingĀ  able to do what im doing and even just being alive and not a complete mess with zero possibilities is a maricle, God saved my life for a reason and i believe that is why i decided to start The Brain Chain, I love giving and seeing people happy and smiling and personally feel a smile from another person and seeing the joy they express is Priceless and worth so much more than any amount of money. I would personally like to see more traffic on the site and people coming forward and asking me questions as im available and would love to help with any questions or issues you might have, even if you would like to vent or just someone to talk to im available on Skype : thebrainchain_1 or Whatsapp +27794944065. I really hope to hear from you all soon. Take care , Stay patient and remember there is help available. Regards Brandon Shaw