Hi Everyone

This blog serves as communication that we should have TEU approval from SARS by latest the 30 of April which means I will be star allowing Donation from all of Working People interested which amounts to 10 % of your Gross Income which would Rather come to this Foundation instead of to SARS & is tax deductable¬† from when you submit¬† you 6 months tax return. i’m trying to get sponsors on the page which will also help raise funds, the Sponsors i’ve approached so Far are Tag Heuer, Spescare Rehabilitation Hospital, i’m trying to get a vehicle sponsor aswell which i will Brand The Brain Chain, sorry i’ve been so quiet but i’ve recently¬† built up the courage to start Playing golf and was invited to plat WP Provincials In a few months which leave me in a bit of a predicament as if i go for surgery i will miss the provincials which i really don’t feel like doing , however i think i will be healed and ready to participate if i have my Neurotomy as it will be 6 moths after which means i wont be able to fine tune my game. The other fact confusing me is that is thank the Neurotomy will benefit me in the long run. my heart is telling me to see how far i get but my head is saying to see me do it now and it will be better in the long run. Very confused at the moment but went to church this morning and think i received my answer. which have our TEU number by Latest April 30. THE 3 Directors aswell as specials had aranged to help a man with great determination and Strong will. his name is Andre Struwig. please contact me if you need help i’m available any time. Stay Patient and never stop trying, if you fail try harder the next tine, if anyone would like to meet me or just have chat please contact me, the skype address and my personal whatsapp number is on one of the blogs. Please dont be afraid to contact me about anything and promise ill get back at my earliest conveniece.