Hi Everyone

Christmas is probably the worst time of the year for me as i explained in my previous blog but i did something different when i got home and felt like i was just on a downward spiral, I actually increased my gym time and focused on something good which was the best thing i could of ever done, i assumed i would have to increase my medication but that however was not the case, I’ve heard a lot of people saying that exercise actually releases Endorphins in your brain which is a happy endorphin so i gave it a try. I wasn’t very keen on trying something new as i was unsure and am just not really into trying new things. I did however go cycle 25 km and after that i actually walked out the gym with a smile on my face and everything changed. I have now started training every day and really feel that as hard as it is with Neuro Fatigue , Exercise is the answer to Fatigue and irrational mood swings. This is obviously my opinion and i have not let any of the specialists on my team consult with me before writing this but i’m sure if its worked for me it can work for you. I promise you that you have nothing to lose and will thank me for this tip if you try it. It really worked wonders for me.