Hi Everyone

Firstly sorry that there has been no activity on the blog or site, as i mentioned in the past I was preparing for The South African Disabled Golf Open and i’m proud to announce that even after not playing for 7 years and 10 months after my Tbi i managed to build up the courage and start again even though my physical condition is so much weaker i find myself mentally much stronger, i will now start blogging again every two weeks. Good things are possible after Tbi ‘s it’s alot tougher to process most things but once the negative mindset of life and what occurred to all survivors you can actually find yourself alot stronger mentally. Life isn’t fair but we survived and the best thing to do is accept our Situations and make th e most out of what we still have. I hope this blog encourages all to never give up on what might seem difficult or impossible but rather to try harder and have faith in ones abilities. I will never play professional golf again but im definitely enjoying the current golf experience. Take care & I wish you all well. Anything is possible just don’t give up on yourself and your dreams.


Lots of Love.

Brandon Shaw