Hi everyone, firstly id like to wish you all a prosperous 2018 & hope you all had a good Christmas and holidays, I am personally not a big fan of Christmas and this time of year as i lost my best friend , my grandfather on the 24 December 2000 & just really battle to shake that loss off. I can also not really participate in any family hiking due to my bad walk and limp and then of course when all the guys get together for a round of golf my whole life seems to be worthless and a waste of time. I managed to get through all of this by just concentrating on one fact and that was that I still have so much to do regarding The Brain Chain and so much to offer so many people that are less fortunate than myself. I focused on the one positive aspect i have going for me as well as a fantastic Family & Partner. I’m still battling with one issue regarding being issued my tax exemption but other than that i’m available to chat or communicate with anyone who would like to have a conversation or just someone that is willing to listen. I’m available for that to anyone whether its a survivor, family member or partner, I’d love chatting to you and hearing what you have to say. my Mobile number is +27794944065 or you could reach me on brandonshaw@thebrainchain.co.za , sorry for the rather negative blog tonight its just been a tough time for me, i look forward to communicating with you in the future. Lots of Love from all of us at The Brain Chain.