Hi All

Tonight i would like to discuss Labels as i feel that it is unfair that we get labelled so many things, The one that bothers me the most is when i’m accused of being aggressive as i feel i’m the softest , kindest and most gentle person 99% of the time , however when i’m approached aggressively just like any other person i will respond aggressively, that doesn’t make me an aggressive person but rather someone that stands up for myself. Impulsive is another one i really don’t like, unfortunately i’m very personal and often feel that people don’t respect my personal space, the minute i feel trapped in a situation i will act like any other normal person and try my utmost best to get out the area. I absolutely hate the fact that peoples opinions of us change once they know we have a brain injury. I have made an amazing recovery after only having 7% chance of survival then having to learn to walk , talk , write & eat again. The funny & ironic thing is i’m almost 8 years post and still trying everyday to improve my spastic left hand. I will over come this. maybe not completely but will definitely see an improvement regarding my physical condition of my spastic left arm and hand. I’m sure we all hate the word Patient but that word unfortunately plays a huge part of our recovery. Take Care all. Have a great week and ill start blogging a lot more often until my surgery in March & then obviously take a break, if anyone has any question please feel free to contact me the skype account is up and running & the username is thebrainchain_1