Hi Everyone this is probably going to a negative post again but I find myself in the situation where I absolutely cant manage to make make any relationship work and this is because I feel that I’m not heard and judged to be aggressive and crazy when I’m upset. Why are we labelled and judged I think the reason why this happens is because we are so uncomfortable within ourselves and have no confidence and then feel like we need to share or Injury with anyone that is close to us. I’m at the point of just running away and want to be alone on a island. How long I’ll survive is a completely other issue. I’m just tired of not feeling worthy unappreciated and then been told that I’m crazy. Don’t call me crazy. I have a tbi but but I promise I’m not crazy. It’s an insult I take very personally. Any way take care all of. If any of you want to chat or just feel the same way please contact me on www.thebrainchain.co.za and maybe we can help each other out by chating to each other. Lots of Love Brandon Shaw